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A developer of business management software.

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Specialized Business Solutions began developing Keystroke Point Of Sale retail systems software over 20 years ago. Today, thousands of retail, wholesale, and service businesses use Keystroke POS to manage sales and control inventory. Even our very first customer continues to rely on the Keystroke POS retail system today!

The Keystroke POS System:

* is a computer program that enables an Personal Computer to operate as a cash register and a complete automated retail management system. 
* can be used to replace electronic cash registers, or to serve as the front-end for a third party accounting system.
* is a much faster, more flexible means of entering sales and controlling inventory
* offers far more capabilities than a traditional cash register and it is also much easier to use.
* is the perfect solution to improve the profitability of nearly any business.

Thousands of independent retailers, wholesalers, service shops, and multiple-store chains rely upon Keystroke POS software and Specialized Business Solutions support services to help them manage their businesses.

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