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Link Your Business to the World of E-Business SouthWare NetLink is a revolutionary tool that lets you provide simple and controlled browser-based network access to your company data files. It can be used for Internet, intranet, and extranet applications.

Many businesses today are wrestling with the concept of doing business over the Internet. E-commerce (receiving sales orders) is one application that can make sense in this environment. But the larger concept of E-business has much more potential value to most businesses. For example, if your customers could not only submit orders but could quickly check account balances, check status of orders, submit service requests, review product history, report changes of address, request product literature, and many similar functions in a self-serve environment, you could strengthen your relationship with them and lower costs at the same time. And you may give similar options to your suppliers, employees, and others.

SouthWare NetLink works with existing technology in the SouthWare Excellence Series to provide a comprehensive e-business solution. You may easily publish any of your business data to authorized users and receive data back from them that is validated before updating your files. You can customize every aspect of your e-business site, and there are many features you can customize yourself without hiring expensive help.

Your Business Gets the Best of Two Worlds

Since NetLink is tightly integrated with the SouthWare Excellence Series you can get the best of the two computer worlds:

  • For high-volume processing of business information you get the power, speed, control, and built-in sophistication of SouthWare’s mature business applications running on your internal system. Your day-to-day work is not hindered by the limitations of browser-based access.
  • You and your partners can use Web browsers to access selected data and send data to be updated using the stateless transaction-based mode of intranets and the Internet. You are working with the same data file formats as the standard applications, so your data can be on-line if you wish.

Key Features of SouthWare NetLink

  • Easy Set Up
    • Works out of the box for SouthWare users
    • Works with standard SouthWare data files
  • Flexible Server Configuration
    • Portable to any Server that supports CGI
    • Allows live or off-line data
    • Supports single or multiple company files
  • Controlled Data Access
    • Valid requestor logins
    • Security masking per requestor and request
    • Data access limited to fields you include in a request - no free-format data requests
    • Session info links each request to a valid requestor login
    • Automatic Time Out for sessions
    • Optional Logoff function
  • Unlimited Customizable Request Types
    • Numerous pre-defined requests
    • Option to create requests for any data or requestor type
    • Customizable HTML templates provide look for each request page - easily edited via HTML editor or text editor
    • Numerous standard variables and unlimited user-defined variables to extract data
  • Comprehensive Order Entry Function
    • Order shopping cart is saved until order is submitted
    • Provides defaults and pricing per customer
    • Catalog lookup
    • Automatically create customer for new sale
    • Easy add/change/delete of line items
    • Numerous options to show item pictures, notes, and discount from List Price
    • Optionally supports SSL encryption for secure transmission of data
  • Data Extract via ReportMate
    • Any data available in ReportMate may be included in a Request
    • Option for browser table formatting
  • Data Input via ImportMate II
    • Receive form data as importable data files
    • Validation to ensure data integrity
    • Allows interactive or batch (off-line) update

Example requests you can process using NetLink Technology

  • Sales orders submitted from customers and employees
  • Customer request for account balance and related details
  • Employee request for customer-related info
  • Customer requests for service (to result in a service order)
  • Requests for marketing materials
  • Changes of address or phone number
  • Request for details of an invoice
  • Request for details of a purchase order
  • Review of product history
  • Vendor review of open purchase orders
  • Review of shipped status of open sales
  • Review of product catalog and pricing
  • Dispatch status of open service calls
  • Internal review of current financial statements
  • Access to employee personnel info
  • Anything else you can access with ReportMate and ImportMate