Is SouthWare Excellence Series - ERP Software right for your business?

SouthWare Excellence Series - ERP Software is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a SouthWare Excellence Series - ERP Software demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare SouthWare Excellence Series - ERP Software with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

Get Customized Data Without Custom Programs!

With Extended Data you’ve got the ability to add new and specialized information to your SouthWare Excellence Series business system. It’s very simple to use so you don’t have to be a programmer. And best of all you won’t affect your ability to add future updates to your system.

Extended Data is an add-on module that lets you add new data fields to your standard Excellence Series files. These new fields can become part of the normal entry and reporting for your system. Extended Data makes all your other modules more valuable by blending your unique information needs into the standard system information.

You can also use Extended Data to create simple stand-alone databases. For example, if you need a database of the locations of all your office equipment you can set up a custom database file in Extended Data.

With Extended Data, you can

  • Add information your business needs to the major master files in your system
  • Add extra data fields to the major transactions you process - you can even print selected fields on invoices, POs, picking tickets, and service orders
  • Smoothly integrate custom fields so they appear to be part of the standard system
  • Define your own sales period history that is automatically maintained as you process invoices
  • Create your own prompts and defaults for your custom data
  • Add new ways to search through your master files
  • Create your own custom databases

Wouldn’t it be great to tailor your business system to your special needs without the cost and risk of custom programming? You don’t need expensive technical solutions. Get Extended Data, the smart business solution to your special software needs.

Key Features of Extended Data

Custom Master File and Transaction Fields

  • Add fields to over 20 different master files
  • Up to 26 fields per file
  • Can link up to 20 additional screens for a maximum of 546 new fields per file
  • Add fields to over 20 different transaction files
  • Up to 15 fields per file
  • Can link up to 20 additional screens for a maximum of 315 new fields per file
  • Optional or automatic entry
  • User-defined names, prompts, defaults
  • Data for a field may be validated against an optional file of valid values
  • Hot key for quick access

New Master File Search Fields

  • Up to 8 new search fields per file
  • New fields automatically integrate into standard search feature

Stand-Alone Databases

  • Up to 26 fields per database
  • Up to 8 search fields per database
  • Special entry program
  • Option to add to standard menus
  • Accessible with ReportMate

Create Your Own Sales Period History

  • Create your own period history records that are automatically updated by invoicing
  • Up to 10 types of records for invoice header information
  • Up to 10 types of records for invoice line item information
  • Up to five key fields per type
  • Up to 15 fields per type

Total Integration with SouthWare Excellence Series

  • Master file fields print on master file listings
  • Transaction fields print on edit listings
  • All fields accessible with ImportMate and ReportMate and WorkFlow
  • Transaction data may be printed on invoices and other forms