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This modules offers you

  • The ability to customize the interface file used to send credit card requests to your card processing software (ICVerify or PC Charge) so that you can handle unique requirements of your card processor or bank. This interface file is a comma-delimited text file for ICVerify or an XML-formatted file for PC Charge.
  • An integrated tree manager to simplify the job of reviewing/configuring your credit card interface features.

Module Features

With the Credit Card Interface Manager you can:

  • Review/customize the fields sent to ICVerify or PC Charge for each type of card transaction (Pre-Auth, Sale, Void, etc.).
  • On Windows workstations you can add/rearrange fields via a grid.
  • Add data dictionary fields to the interface file - you can reference the data dictionary ID of a field as one of the output components. This is limited to fields available from XX99, but in conjunction with WorkFlow offers flexible ability to send custom data.
  • Add literals/flags to the interface file
  • Define/edit XML tags (PC Charge interface)
  • Save the format of your custom layout in a text file - this allows editing via a text editor for users on textual workstations
  • Option to accept commercial purchase cards
  • Option to void transaction if address verification fails
  • Optionally use multiple custom layouts if you run multiple merchant copies of the software
  • Utilize an integrated Tree manager to:
  • Review/edit the Credit Card Interface IDs used in configuring the interface
  • Review/edit the credit card types/options defined in Accounts Receivable
  • Review the current layouts for each transaction type via the tree manager screen
  • Review the NetLink-related credit card setup features if you process credit card pre-authorizations via NetLink

When you define a custom layout for a transaction type the credit card processing features of SouthWare will use the custom layout each time that transaction type is submitted.