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Your receivables are one of your most valuable assets. Managed right, they encourage higher sales with minimal cost. Managed wrong, they could put you out of business. A great way to manage your receivables right is with SouthWare’s Accounts Receivable.

SouthWare’s Accounts Receivable is a complete system for promoting and tracking sales, payments, and other activity with your customers. You get efficient recordkeeping, accurate records, and the tools to help you get paid on time. You also get instant answers to the questions you or your customers ask about customer accounts.

With Accounts Receivable, you can

  • Know which customers owe you money and when it’s due
  • Regularly remind your customers that you’re watching their accounts closely and encourage timely payments
  • Instantly answer a question about a customer’s current or past activity
  • Keep accurate commission records for your sales people
  • Reduce the time you spend on sales tax reporting
  • Know the aging status of each receivable type, customer, and invoice
  • Evaluate each customer’s sales and payment performance
  • Spend less time entering data and more time managing your customer relationships

Give your customers the service they want and get the results you want. Improve your business with SouthWare’s Accounts Receivable.

Key Features of Accounts Receivable

Customer Database

  • Extensive standard data
  • Credit terms, credit limit, credit rating
  • Multiple ship-to and bill-to addresses
  • Excellence history per period for 5 years
  • Notes and optional Extended Data

Sales Transactions

  • Invoices, credits, debits, from SouthWare Invoicing or entered in A/R
  • Entry features customized per operator

Customer Payments

  • Apply as Open item or Balance Forward
  • Allowances and discounts
  • Cash, check, credit card
  • Entry and reapply of open credits
  • Review mode for fast entry


  • Commissions based on sales or profit
  • Option to pay on paid items only
  • Split among multiple salespersons
  • Option for sophisticated commission schemes on Inventory/Sales invoices

Sales Tax

  • Summary/detail reporting per tax locality
  • Automatic or override tax calculations
  • Line item tax cutoff or maximum tax per invoice if using SouthWare Invoicing

Statements and Late Fees

  • Statements on demand, for past due only, or based on scheduled frequency
  • Option to print invoice detail
  • Late fees can be calculated per invoice


  • Inquiry and numerous aging, sales analysis, and other management reports

Other Special Features

  • Option to reprint invoices
  • Cash basis accounting option
  • Track Vendor Refunds
  • Interface to SalesMark clients
  • Optional A/R Invoicing Adapter
  • Optional Collections Adapter

Accounts Receivable can help you answer such questions as

  • Who owes us money?
  • Which customers are past due on their accounts?
  • Which customers have less sales this year than last year?
  • What invoices did this check pay?
  • Are we reminding our customers to pay on time?
  • Which invoices are currently in dispute with customers?
  • What did the customer buy on this invoice?
  • Which commissions are due to be paid this month?
  • What’s our breakdown of sales tax liability per tax locality?
  • Why did we issue a credit to this customer?
  • Which customers are most important to us?