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A full ERP system designed by South Coast Computers for distribution/wholesale trade companies.
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Shoe and apparel distributors wholesalers and manufacturers like yourself constantly struggle with an unending realm of business challenges, seasonal swings, fashion fads, changing consumer interests and an overwhelming spectrum of sizes, colors and styles are daily issues. Buy the wrong merchandise and you end up with expensive, excess inventory, dissatisfied customers and lost sales.

The trouble is, software products available today tend to be generic and don’t face these industry-specific challenges head-on. You wouldn’t want to wear clothing or shoes that were too small, so why would you squeeze your business information into computer software sized for another industry? You’ve probably never had any other option.

Macola gives you an option. Our enhancement software, which is attached to a full-spectrum suite of business information modules, specifically designed for footwear and apparel distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Providing you with a multitude of invaluable capabilities, TrakWear allows orders to be allocated between current inventory and open WIP, giving accurate, available-to-ship dates. All results are displayed in an easy-to-understand format. Users have the ability to retrieve, track, order and inventory according to style, color, size, and width. In an instant, you can identify what is in-stock, what and how much must be ordered, and how soon it is needed. Sales patterns and shipment problems are also easily and quickly detected.

Competitive software products make business analysis cumbersome and data entry time-consuming. Inventory and customer orders are printed as lengthy lists that make it extremely difficult to discern trends or detect problems.

With TrakWear, data analysis couldn’t be easier. Ergonomically designed, easy-to-comprehend screens can be quickly scanned for key information and point-and-click opertions make data retrieval a breeze. Tracking and responding to trends in the industry can be done on a daily basis.

TrakWear seamlessly manages your business, from manufacturing, to general ledger. Checking availability and monitoring work-in-progress has never been simpler. Indispensable features include:

  • Point-and-click operations
  • Drill-down feature
  • Flexibility to modify screens per user to only display needed fields, substantially reducing data entry time
  • Barcoding
  • EDI Integration
  • E-Commerce capability

Since 1988, South Coast Computers, Inc. has developed custom software solutions for the footwear and apparel industries. We have over a decade of experience in wholesale distribution, making us uniquely qualified to tackle the issues facing the industry.

Macola Software has been in business for over 30 years and delivers Microsoft-based solutions to growth-oriented small and midsize companies.

TrakWear is attached to their signature product, a client/server or stand-alone application that takes full advantage of the Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and Microsoft SQL Server environments.

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