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Being able to quickly create various relevant scenarios with what-if analysis can be one of the most strategically valuable tools available to business executives in order to support their decision-making process. BI360’s Excel-based budgeting module combined with the report writer provides for powerful modeling capabilities to give you the ability to quickly simulate virtually any scenario of importance to the business.


  • Utilizing BI360’s Excel-based budgeting module with simulation templates or user-defined templates
  • Special “break-back” template available for profit simulation. Set profit target and BI360 will automatically break it back into the revenues and expenses required to attain the profit target. In addition, any row in the template can be frozen, increased or decreased. Similar templates can be designed for any other type of target-driven simulation.
  • Project, product and customer profitability simulation with associated cost allocations.
  • Cash flow forecast model allows for simulation of cash flow. Cash flow report is automatically generated based on profit and loss and balance sheet input forms that contain assumptions and drivers for items like receivables and payables.
  • Store text comments with simulation data for later retrieval and use with reports.
  • Live charting provides additional analytical functionality.
  • Unlimited number of simulation scenarios can be stored in the BI360 data warehouse and made available for reporting and dashboards.
  • Historical actual or budget figures can be used as a baseline in any simulation form and administrators can automatically copy entire budget versions (or actuals) into a new scenario version.
  • Quick implementations can be done by linking to the organization’s existing Excel models.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Modeling:

"Modeling" is part of the BI360 line of products, developed by Solver.