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BI360 dashboards are web-based and act as a unifying medium between two of an organization’s most important assets, its people and its data. BI360 dashboards help managers visualize trends and highlight exceptions to their key performance indicators. This vital information will better equip your organization’s personnel to identify issues, make decisions, and drive success.


BI360 provides real-time or near-real time dashboards on top of the BI360 data warehouse or real-time dashboards on your Microsoft Dynamics system. Metrics from other data sources (spreadsheets, etc…) can also be included.

  • BI360’s dashboard designer module features a rich set of graphical components (such as gauges, trend charts, bar charts, pie charts, maps, thermometers, scorecards, text comments, etc.) that allows virtually any dashboard requirement to be met.
  • Power users use the dashboard designer module to pre-define various dashboard layouts for managers with different analytical requirements.
  • Individualized dashboards can be designed ‘on-the-fly’ by end-users themselves by simply dragging and dropping pre-linked graphical components onto the screen. Power users set up a library of dashboard components (reports, graphs) for users to choose from.
  • Powerful alerts automatically monitor business rules against thresholds and send out messages with KPIs and charts to designated managers.
  • Lightweight server-based dashboard delivery ensures minimal downtime and greater maintainability.
  • Dashboards can be viewed both through Microsoft SharePoint and stand alone in your Web browser.
  • Dashboards can also be pushed out mobile phones as PDF files.
  • Based on Microsoft’s Silverlight platform.
  • Support for OLAP as well as transactional data sources.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Dashboards:

"Dashboards" is part of the BI360 line of products, developed by Solver.