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BI360’s budgeting module provides your organization with a very flexible, high value-added budgeting, forecasting and modeling solution without the typical long implementation and high software cost of other legacy planning solutions. Because of the user-friendly Excel-based interface, you can quickly adapt a budget model based on your existing Excel sheets; or you can completely re-engineer your process and input form layout based on your organization’s changing requirements. There are also a number of pre-defined templates you can take advantage of to simplify and speed up the implementation.


  • Choose from four types of Input Sheet methods: use the standard templates that come with BI360, customize the available BI360 templates, design your own Excel-based input forms with BI360, or insert BI360 formulas into your existing Excel model.
  • Use budget input templates for proft and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, payroll, capital expenses, revenue, and projects.
  • Design or use input templates for monthly forecasting and modeling.
  • Allows for multi-year budgets and rolling forecasts.
  • Very rich, analytical and easy to understand end-user environment.
  • Line item detail feature allows for detailed multi-line input below any budget row (account row) without having to design sub-forms. Line item details will summarize and consolidate at the account level for total company budget and reporting purposes.
  • User inputs directly to Excel or through Excel pop-up window with special budgeting features.
  • Spreads totals based on numerous pre-defined formulas or creates budgets and forecasts from historical trends in seconds.
  • Slider feature lets users automatically increase or decrease all amounts on a row by an entered percentage.
  • Enter and store text comments at any level (cell, row, column, sheet) for later use with budget reports.
  • Special reports or rules can be set up to automatically perform single- or multi-step allocations.
  • Check-in and check-out features gives administrators a live status on all budget users that have started (or not started) and completed the budget process.
  • Assignment menu lets the administrator set up and centrally manage input forms and related reports and documentation and deadlines by budget, forecast, or report process.
  • Comes with workflow reports to monitor users and approval statuses during the budget process.
  • Users can work offline where budget templates are distributed or online where they are connected live to the BI360 data warehouse.
  • When data is saved by a user budgets are immediately available for approval/reporting.
  • Audit trail automatically tracks UserID and date when budget amounts that are entered or changed. are.
  • Live charting lets users discover trends and compare history to budgets while entering budgets.
  • Historical actual or budget figures can be used as a baseline in any budget form and administrators can automatically copy entire budget versions (or actuals) into a new version or into a forecast.
  • User access (security) is based on active directory and roles and provides the convenience of single-sign on for users and easy user management for administrators.

Other Applications

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"Budgeting" is part of the BI360 line of products, developed by Solver.