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A developer of business management software.

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Solutions360™ was established in 1988 and is a privately held Corporation.

Solutions360™ is a technology services company specializing in complete, scalable and affordable Accounting and Business Process Management (BPM) for the mid-market. Delivered by custom teams of technology experts with a reputation for outstanding service, Solutions360™ manages the complete lifecycle of business processes, from inbound to outbound and all points in between. This agile combination of innovative software solutions, insightful consulting and transformational technology management services has helped guide many companies from automation to innovation. By taking a holistic approach and developing a deep understanding of a company’s underlying business needs, goals, and strengths, Solutions360™ empowers its customers to identify the key differentiators that lead to sustained business success.

Imagine the power of a single software suite, directly mapped to the needs of your business, with innovative responses to the challenges of Sales Force Automation, Quoting, Inventory Control, Order Fulfillment, Routing, Scheduling, Service and Support, Accounting, Billing and Tracking, Q360 provides you with the power to change and grow.

C360 combines all of the perceptiveness and expertise of a enterprise solution with the agility and affordability that are crucial to the mid-market arena. From project inception to evolution, C360 is known for its insightful approach to business process management solutions, offering a wide range of technology consulting and professional services.

E360 specializes in providing cost-effective, custom IT Outsourcing and Hosting Solutions — including Messaging and Network Services, Server Management, Business Continuity, Security, Microsoft Licensing and both Dedicated and Shared Hosting Services.

Our foundation is built on 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteeing all clients direct access to company executives for questions or comments. Our customers chose Solutions360™ and continue to grow with us because we are responsive, cost-effective and dedicated to their individual needs.

We Value…

  • The trust our customers place in us.
  • The vital contribution of our employees to our success
  • Our dedication to superior sales and service
  • The opportunity to improve the quality of life in our community
  • The challenge of competing in the most demanding of markets

We Strive For…

  • High quality products and services to meet the demands of a dynamic market place
  • Technology that delivers value to our customers
  • Maximum individual creativity, entrepreneurship and results
  • Professional growth and personal fulfillment of our employees

We will be identified with exceptional quality. Customers will choose us to satisfy their future systems needs. Communities will value our corporate citizenship. Competitors will envy the talent and personal commitment of our employees. We will be the recognized and respected software development institution of choice.

Product Lines

  • Q360

    An ERP system designed by Solutions360.

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