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Solid Innovation

A developer of business management software.

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Solid Innovation, Inc. develops and delivers real-world mission critical software products for mobile businesses within the route accounting industry. We provide complete or a complementary solution for mobile invoicing and inventory control supported by a full variety of services, including remote support services.

At Solid Innovations we believe that client interaction is critical to our success. We strive for excellence through collaboration - including input and advice - with our clients. With this information and understanding, we pride ourselves on assembling the expertise necessary to help our clients achieve their business objectives. We insure our clients are equipped with the solid approach to route accounting.

  • Solid Profits - solid route accounting delivers superior management insight to your company’s profitability. Smooth end-to-end integration means work is done once reliably. As such you can expect to experience strong returns on your investment from our software.
  • Solid Growth - our proven technology expands your business and frees up wasted time spent on administration. Our integrated approach speeds up your companies work flow so you can focus on finding the right customers, growing sales, rewarding the right employees, and managing larger territories with the same investment.
  • Solid Partnership - with 23 years of experience in the route accounting industry, we foster relationships with our clients that support teamwork, dedication and results. Our team of innovators is committed to ensuring your investment works and progresses into the future.

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