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Epicor Software acquired this developer.

DUBLIN, Calif., September 13, 2012 — Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, today announced it has agreed to acquire privately held Solarsoft Business Systems from Marlin Equity Partners. Solarsoft is a specialist in midmarket enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management systems for manufacturing and distribution.

“Epicor to Acquire Solarsoft Business Systems.” Epicor Press Release.

Tropos Business Process Management can be used not only to automate business processes, but also to put in place a structure for processes to ensure that a consistent path is followed through a pre-defined workflow. This brings about the dual benefits of cost-savings, through reduced human effort, and also predictability and the assurance that thought-out procedures are being correctly adhered to.

Processes can be triggered through the occurrence of an event, such as a request for literature on your website or a customer exceeding their credit limit, or the passage of time (e.g. once a day or every hour). As a result of the trigger, certain actions can be taken, such as the execution of one or more Tropos transactions, the running of a script or a report, the initiation of a workflow or the creation of an outgoing message. Outputs from the process can include e mails, SMS messages, data files for interfacing, XML or EDI messages.

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"Tropos Business Process Management" is part of the Tropos line of products, developed by Solarsoft Business Systems.

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