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Solarsoft Business Systems

A developer of software designed for mid-market businesses in the manufacturing industry.

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Epicor Software acquired this developer.

DUBLIN, Calif., September 13, 2012 — Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, today announced it has agreed to acquire privately held Solarsoft Business Systems from Marlin Equity Partners. Solarsoft is a specialist in midmarket enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management systems for manufacturing and distribution.

“Epicor to Acquire Solarsoft Business Systems.” Epicor Press Release.

Solarsoft Business Systems supplies modern enterprise software (ERP) and IT services to manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers in North America, Europe and Asia. Over 2,000 companies rely on Solarsoft to bring clarity and efficiency to their daily operations.

Solarsoft specializes in systems that are optimized for specific industries. From automotive parts to packaging to life sciences, from fresh food to electrical components to builders’ supplies, Solarsoft designs applications to meet the unique requirements of each industry. Specialization brings multiple benefits for customers. It makes our systems easy to install and easy to use and it ensures that they can deliver value from day one.

Solarsoft’s engineers and consultants are experts in the sectors on which they focus. Working with Solarsoft means working with professionals that already understand the language and operations that define an industry. It means engaging a team that is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the detailed innovations essential maintaining success in a competitive sector.

Fully featured, Solarsoft systems provide the key to performance in sales, purchasing, finance, inventory and warehouse management, e-commerce and EDI, supply chain logistics, manufacturing resource planning (MRP) and quality control. Wireless technology, barcode automation and mobile communication options project benefits beyond the back office to the shop floor and out to customers at the point of delivery.

Solarsoft applications are built to modern technology standards and employ a service oriented architecture for ease of integration up and down the supply chain. Our commitment to investment in research and development ensures that each Solarsoft application will continue to deliver value as the demands of business change.

Product Lines

  • Informance

    A software system designed by Solarsoft Business Systems for manufacturing companies.

    0 reviews
    • iVP

      A full ERP system designed by Solarsoft Business Systems for manufacturing companies.

      0 reviews
      • Mattec

        A software system designed by Solarsoft Business Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

        0 reviews
        • Tropos

          An ERP system designed by Solarsoft Business Systems for manufacturing companies.

          0 reviews

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