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SOFTWRX Purchase Order System implements stringent control management over your purchases and vendor cost. The cradle to grave tracking assists your organization with maintaining your budgets and provide you with vendor and inventory cost analysis.

You’ll be able to apply multiple receipts of goods and services for each line item until completed. With the Accounts Payable System, your personnel only have to enter a Purchase Order Number, and the system will generate the A/P Invoice based on the receipts. Error reporting and correction is also generated.

Make informed decisions, detect shortages, over shipments, and control supplier cost in SOFTWRX cradle to grave tracking. When integrated with Job Costing, work order system, and inventory system, the purchase order system will assist the tracking of internal construction purchases, inventory purchases, capital project purchases, and help to maintain budgets or expenditures. It also contains totally integrated inventory item requisition/purchasing/receiving interface for total accountability of your inventory.

Another outstanding feature of the purchase order system is the automatic cross- referencing of inventory purchase items and your supplier’s item numbers for inquiries, it is automatically generated through the purchase order system.

Other Highlights Include

  • Vendor Performance analysis report
  • Purchase Order Booking Report - Detail and Summary
  • Additional Messages, Line Item Descriptions, or Special Instructions
  • Release Purchase Orders Placed On Hold
  • Inquiry & Purchase Transaction History Inquiry
  • Track Vendor Promise Dates for Analysis of Critical Items
  • Print the Purchase Order Forms and Status Reporting
  • Multiple Vendor Remit-To
  • Purcahse Order Daily Receipts, Backorder Report & Historical Reporting.
  • Purchase Order Transaction history Report
  • Purchase Order Backorder Reports, Period Receipts Report
  • Print directly to your network Printers,Fax, or Document Storage System

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purcahse Order:

"Purcahse Order" is part of the SOFTWRX Premier plus Manufacturing line of products, developed by Softwrx, LLC.

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