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SOFTWRX Inventory Control Module is fully integrated with all SOFTWRX Modules. It fully supports multi-warehousing, departmental, for finished goods, spare parts inventory, raw materials, etc., and tracks inventory item cost, sales, purchases, and receipts, for MTD/QTD/YTD reporting.

Monitor inventory movements; perform an interim physical inventory at your discretion.

Make a positive impact on your bottom line by detecting shortages, over shipments, and control supplier cost, in SOFTWRX cradle to grave inventory tracking. Accurate stocking information is at your fingertips to satisfy your customer’s immediate requirements. Receipts are posted online and all inquiries give you the availability to drill down into the transaction history per your user defined parameters.

Other Highlights Include

  • Stock adjustment, entry, and transfers
  • Warehouse transaction inquiries and reporting
  • Digital image storage for each inventory item
  • Product class summary reports and item turns reporting
  • Item backlog report
  • Item evaluation reporting
  • Negative quantity reports
  • Min/Max re-order
  • Warehouse month-end balance reporting
  • Transaction tracking
  • Inventory usage tracking
  • Standard and average costing
  • Multiple warehousing and department distribution supported
  • Cross-reference parts by ISBN, UPC, SPCN, and user-defined requirements.
  • Multiple price codes per item.
  • Item inquiries by keyword, vendor, bin, category, Warehouse, etc.
  • Use physical count tag processing and cycle count worksheets
  • Month-to-date and year-to-date tracking of sales, purchases, receipts, adjustments, transfers, and cost-of-goods
  • Print directly to your network Printers, Fax, or Document storage system

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"Inventory Control" is part of the SOFTWRX Premier plus Manufacturing line of products, developed by Softwrx, LLC.

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