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Sound cash management decisions are the focus of our Accounts Payable System. Your company needs instant access to vendor performance on key item deliveries, which allow you maximum purchasing power and negotiated terms.

User-defined default general ledger accounts for distribution by vendor, set you own default accounts, or change accounts and terms during transaction processing.

Gain control of your cash flow, inventory cost, and Vendor performance with the power of our Accounts Payables System. When integrated with the Purchase Order System, you now have total tracking ability. During transaction processing you may select from the actual P.O. receiver and apply directly to the invoice transaction therefore eliminating redundant data entry. Error discrepancy reporting is generated during transaction processing.

Other Key Features

  • Federal non-employee compensation (1099) forms for selected vendors.
  • Partial payment of invoices for split period payments.
  • Vendor analysis inquiry and reporting.
  • Recuring Invoicing entry.
  • Open invoice inquiry and reporting.
  • Auto-transfer from purchase order receiving line items to A/P transactions to increase employee productivity
  • Vendor transaction history inquiry and reporting.
  • Multiple bank account selection on check runs.
  • Purchase order receiving to A/P invoice discrepancy and error reporting.
  • Analyze trends in your payables. Detail and Summary history tracks activity by period.
  • Multiple warehousing and departments for additional analytical cost.
  • Determine which vendors provide most reliable cost and deliveries.
  • Un-vouchered receipts reporting, inquiries, and G/L distribution.
  • A/P Check Reconciliation.
  • Historical Information is retained for future analysis.
  • Vendor Performance analysis.
  • Print directly to your network Printers, Fax, or Document Storage System.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Payable:

"Accounts Payable" is part of the SOFTWRX Premier plus Distribution line of products, developed by Softwrx, LLC.

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