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Softwrx, LLC

A developer of business management software.

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SOFTWRX is a leader in providing integrated solutions for accounting software, financial management, distribution, manufacturing, retail (POS), project accounting, inventory software, business analysis, and customer relationship management. We deliver deep access to decision-driving information, a rapid return on investment, and expert, dedicated customer service.

SOFTWRX provides your organization with increased analysis and control capabilities by using a totally multi-user accounting system based on ISO and QS principals. Supporting multi-location warehousing/departmental location, bar code scanners and printers, vpn support and thin client for your remote branch location. Software customization may be obtained to tailor each package specifically for your organization. Many unique features are available throughout each system utilizing a “drill-down” topology in each inquiry. This allows the user to view all or specific transactions that pertain to the top level request.

With SOFTWRX knowledge and depth of experience we ensure that you receive an MRP/ERP or POS solution tailored to your needs and aligned with your business processes.

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