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The Application Control module enables secure, easy, and flexible means of navigating throughout the entire DS90 software application. It provides a secure means of granting or denying authority to different applications, menus, or menu options by User or by Group. With one single sign on, users enjoy secure access to all DS90 modules.

This flexible module empowers you to control the content and organization of your user menus, keywords and security access to critical functions. You can even integrate the menu interfaces from your favorite third-party applications – right into the menu of the DS90 application!

Its powerful search feature helps you even when you don’t know where to look. The design includes easy-to-follow navigation, choice of interfaces and cursor-sensitive help to advance user task efficiency.

Customizable Menus

  • Create your own menus
  • Assign menu views by permissions or authority
  • Create your own options
  • Change option text
  • Share menus within Groups
  • Incorporate other software vendor menus
  • Customizable Menus

Ease of Navigation

  • Create your own keywords
  • Share within Groups
  • Execute from anywhere
  • Menu option search
  • Fastpath entry for user-defined key words
  • Cursor-sensitive help

User defined keywords enable the creation of shortcuts for frequently used menu options. Keywords eliminate the menu option searching that can become frustrating and time consuming. Let your users spend more time working on the task than looking for it.

Multiple Environments

  • Train system users
  • Customize applications

Using our built-in Multiple Environment Support feature, you can run DS90 programs over separate copies of data. Ideal for training, you can use this feature to maintain a library of data files for testing and educational purposes. This greatly enhances your user’s application skills, and allows you to test the implementation of new software features without the danger of corrupting your live business data. An additional feature is the ability to utilize this environment setup to run multiple entities on the same server. Within a single environment the user may also setup multiple companies as well as multiple locations within each company.

Integrated Security

  • Secure by application
  • Secure by company or location
  • Secure by option type
  • Secure by User Group
  • Secure by individual
  • Only authorized menu options are presented

The comprehensive security features of the system allow you to grant or deny access to application functions by user, or by user group. This allows a departmental security profile, which may be overridden for an individual user. In addition, you may permit or prohibit access to an AS/400 command line from within application programs.

Application Imports

  • Single user interface
  • No programming required

Application Control was designed with compatibility in mind. It allows you to set the application library list to include non-Software Concepts program libraries, enabling the execution of imported application products under our menu and security architecture. Our interface takes care of the security and group job support for the imported application.

Multi-tasking in One Session

  • Suspend & resume jobs
  • Security controlled

Our integrated Group Job Support allows you to alternate between up to 16 programs at a time, as a function of security. The Group Job function is controlled entirely by the application and enables the user to access other application programs from within their existing menu structure.

Many customers find these other features useful too. This is a partial list of other features available:

  • Control record maintenance to tailor DS90
  • User registration
  • User profile security profile copy function
  • User printer options per document type
  • Default document type notes with date sensitivity
  • Environment maintenance control (train versus live)
  • Customized Group/Individual Menus
  • Default User Menus via user registration
  • User or group defined keywords
  • Faxing/Email integration with all generated output
  • Point and Click or Cursor Selection or Option Selection ability

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Application Control:

"Application Control" is part of the DS90 line of products, developed by Software Concepts.