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Software Business Systems (SBS)

A developer of business management software designed for enterprise organizations.

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SBS provides financial accounting software that adapts to the way its customers do business. It works well in small accounting departments and scales nicely to organizations with many users and sophisticated accounting requirements.

SBS was founded in 1980. Initially, the team sold a suite of third-party software applications. Working with customers, they found that the accounting systems their customers wanted did not exist. As a result, SBS began developing and supporting its own enterprise accounting software.

Over the next 15 years, SBS began expanding its software products. Today, SBS software solutions include the SBS Financials Suite, SBS Payroll and HR Suite, and SBS Procurement Suite.

The SBS philosophy is to make every-day activities easy to use and efficient while having extended functionality just a click or two away.

SBS software suites are easy to learn and use because they utilize familiar business tools. Integration with vertical market software is seamless ensuring smooth operations across even multi-company organizations.

Software implementation and support are handled directly by SBS employees. Nurturing these direct relationships encourages customers to provide feedback and offer input to future software development.

In response to customer input, the SBS team continues to add new functionality to its business management software. SBS applications are used by organizations in more than 600 locations across North America in industries as diverse as media, education, life sciences, and staffing.

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