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KeyVision includes all types of fees required by lawyers so far: subscriptions, global or hourly fees, defined per each contract, project or court file. You can even set different fees per user roles, taking into account the experience and the professional background of each of them. However, in each case, options are much more diversified. For example, KeyVision allows you to set a budget of hours for a certain file, with the possibility of being notified when the budget is exceeded. If you agreed with the client on a payment per project phase or on a success fee, the information can be simply uploaded in KeyVision.

Contracts You can save all information required by the contract in a single page: general information about number, name, responsible, contract currency, invoice due date, budgeted effort, financial settings. Plus, you can configure a standard fee that can be used later on for all projects or files related to this contract.

Cases, Projects KeyVision allows you to save consultancy projects and cases under a standard contract. For each of them, lawyers can set different fees or rules for calculating fees. The legal software takes into account all these configurations when is calculating the amount to be invoiced.

Activity types KeyVision ensures “quantitative” calculation of the invoice when, for example, you agreed with the client on fixed fees for court hearings or for drafting documents. Moreover, we have all information required to compare the invoiced value with the effort implied by each activity.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Clients and contracts:

"Clients and contracts" is part of the KeyVision line of products, developed by SoftVenture.