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Now you can access in a single page all planned activities for the current day, week or month. This means immediate access to court hearings, tasks, deadlines for ongoing projects, even reminders for unpaid invoices or contracts expired.

You can easily identify them by colors:

  • green for your own tasks and cases;
  • grey for your colleagues’ tasks and cases;
  • red for any exceeded task or cases;
  • blue for holidays.

All items can be edited with a single click, directly from the calendar


You can save daily tasks directly in KeyVision by simply filling in a form with basic information. Once saved, they become immediately visible in the calendar, both for the responsible person as well as for its colleagues.


Reminders are available on the first page of KeyVision. This way, you can immediately see urgent tasks, contracts about to expire, court hearings or open invoices. Moreover, a simple click on a reminder will open a window with detailed information about it.


You can define holidays and leaves directly from KeyVision. They will automatically become visible in the calendar and time-sheet page.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Calendar:

"Calendar" is part of the KeyVision line of products, developed by SoftVenture.