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Sales Order Entry features include

  • Rebate Processing
  • Drop-ship addresses show in Sales Orders as well as Purchase Orders.
  • Credit limit checks are performed on a line by line basis, so that you can keep orders under the limit while entering data. In addition to credit limit checks, any invoices for a Customer which are overdue by more than a specified number of days are displayed upon entry, along with a phone number and contact name, so that outstanding invoices can be resolved quickly before proceeding further with the order
  • Built-in margin checking prevents accidental entry of prices that are below desired levels
  • The ability to view Committed and On Order quantities for stock items is greatly enhanced by the option to display all Sales Orders and/or Purchase Orders containing the item
  • Miscellaneous sales notes which pop up during order entry can be entered on a per stock item, per shipping address or a per Customer basis, so that data entry operators can be conveniently reminded of special situations regarding the order. These are in addition to the comments that can be added to a packing slip or invoice
  • Separate comments can be entered for packing slips and invoices. You may enter general comments to be applied to all invoices (e.g. special sales reminders, holiday greetings) and then override the comments for particular ones. The same applies to packing slips
  • You may create Standing Orders for Customers so that often repeated orders (especially large ones) are easily reproduced
  • The History Select feature enables you to view all items ever purchased by a Customer on a per ship address basis along with the last price paid, the last quantity ordered and the last date of purchase for each item, to select for ordering. This drastically cuts down the number of potential errors due to incorrect entry of item codes or prices
  • Stock Code browsing displays TWO lines of description per item, so that similar item descriptions can be differentiated
  • Negative quantities are allowed, using estimated cost of sale, with all necessary GL adjustments performed automatically when items are replenished
  • You may enter up to 5 extra description lines per line item at order entry time. These are in addition to the special lines that may be entered in the inventory master for each item (useful in such situations as special handling of goods)
  • Items may also be selected by key word searching
  • Kitting feature allows on-the-fly alterations to inventory kits previously established. Even swap components of a kit in or out at Order Entry time, being assured that costing adjustments are handled by the system automatically.
  • Quotations are linked to Sales Orders so that prices recently quoted are immediately applied when entering orders for a Customer. In addition, effective and expiry dates may be applied to quotations
  • Sales staff have access to a powerful related documents utility for viewing, faxing, e-mailing of information regarding any inventory item in stock. This may be a spec sheet, photos,MS Word documents, PDF files or any file related to a product. This information, as well as any past purchase history, is at the fingertips of the Sales Order entry operators to support and drive efficient phone sales
  • Increase sales with Pop-up linking of Inventory items to other products allows for up-selling of related products to increase your sales. The sales manager can link ketchup to french fries or gasket to water pump as each line item is added to Sales Orders. This feature can be turned off by management for more seasoned staff
  • Unlimited custom-defined charges may be added to invoices
  • One-click invoice faxing
  • Shipping label printing
  • Foundation 3000 allows processing of orders either as a batch or one at a time. The Batch mode enables your GL to be less cluttered while the drill-down feature allows easy viewing of batch detail when necessary
  • Special linking of Purchase Orders to Sales Orders allows Drop Ship orders to be easily tracked and processed
  • Pricing conversion is performed automatically for foreign currency orders and also for alternate units of measure
  • Nonstock item processing is monitored closely to prevent ordering of non-requisite items
  • Picking advice is sorted by location to expedite shipment preparation
  • Generate Price quotations effortlessly with the Quote Item Selection utility. Greater control over Pricing is made possible with on-screen margin display. Conversion to Sales Orders is accomplished with one mouse click
  • Selling of damaged goods does not mess up your costing, as a utility permits override of FIFO on a line item basis to more correctly state costing and margins.
  • Custom-definable tax codes
  • Hot key for Shipping quantities accelerates Invoice entry
  • Ability to transmit EDI invoices immediately or add advanced EDI data before sending

Other Applications

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"Sales Order" is part of the Foundation 3000 line of products, developed by Softrend Systems.