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Purchase Order features include

  • Extremely versatile Purchase Order system allows you to issue Purchase Orders that are distributed to multiple warehouses. Unlimited custom-defined charges (e.g. freight, duty)can be added on a per-line or per-order basis and entered at either Purchase Order entry time or at Receiving time. They can be entered as dollar amounts, percentages of the total, or on a quantity-rate basis. Per-order charges can be distributed by weight, volume or dollar value over the entire order for the purpose of determining landed costs of each item. These costs are automatically calculated and broken down into detail by the system in the Receivings report

  • Purchase Orders can be created from scratch or by using the powerful Purchase Order Advice utility. This utility allows you to view the recent purchase history of all items sold by a particular supplier and quickly construct a Purchase Order via point-and-click, based on the relevant information displayed on screen. Recent overall supplier activity is also easily accessed from within the same utility
  • Unlike some simpler accounting systems,Purchasing is performed in 2 steps. Purchase Orders are first placed, then received. This accommodates back order processing and the anticipation of items on order but not yet received. Receiving of Purchase Orders is very efficient with quick hot key entry of default quantities. In addition stock items may be received without a PO or added onto a PO Receiving without being on the original PO

  • Running totals of weight, volume and dollar value enable you to adjust your Purchase Order to take advantage of volume discounts offered by suppliers
  • Inserting and deleting lines in a Purchase Order is more flexible and intuitive with Foundation 3000’s special Grid Entry utility
  • Automatic EDI transmission capability

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Order:

"Purchase Order" is part of the Foundation 3000 line of products, developed by Softrend Systems.