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Foundation 3000

An All‑in‑One Field Service Management system designed by Softrend Systems.
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For Field Service companies that Service, Sell or Rent Equipment, having a single Integrated software solution is key to becoming truly efficient and ultimately profitable.

Foundation 3000 enables your Service business to succeed by integrating Job Costing, Scheduling, Estimating, Mobile connectivity, Preventative Maintenance, Inventory Tracking, CRM, Rental tracking, Bar coding, Customer Web Portal and Work Order management all into 1 powerful solution that is tied seamlessly to a complete and robust Accounting backend.

General features include:

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Our color-coded scheduler allows you to drag and drop appointments around and quickly identify heavy or light load periods. You can drill down to see or modify Appointment detail or hover your mouse to get a quick summary. View a map of scheduled appointments for a day to optimize travel routes.

Preventative Maintenance

If you regularly perform activites such as for example, annual inspections, it is important to be reminded when they come due so that they can be acted upon quickly. Foundation 3000`s login alert not only ensures all upcoming services are brought to your attention, but makes it easy to book appointments right there and then or to send emails requesting appointment times.

Powerful Estimating/Quoting

When customers call up asking for past work on equipment, Foundation 3000 allows you to drill down into Service History and view a complete and detailed audit trail on any piece of equipment, even generating past Work Orders and their associated Checklists if necessary.

Route Optimization

You can view a map of scheduled appointments for a day and visually rearrange travel routes for optimal route efficiency.


You can create customized Checklists that automate all the steps or checks that need to be taken by a Service Technician when performing a particular service or servicing a particular type of equipment. These can not only take the form of simple tick boxes but can also accommodate Note entry, date entry, drop-down lists of predefined codes or numeric measurements, and are automatically synced with our Mobile App.

Contract Tracking

Regularly scheduled services may also be set up as formal contracts between you and your customers. Foundation 3000 will not only provide reminders of maintenance due, but also remind you of contracts that are due for expiry well in time for pursuing renewals.

Real-time Mobile Connectivity

With our remote tablet Service app, your service technicians when away from the office are able to effortlessy record time against selected Work Orders. They’ll also be able to view their upcoming schedules by the week or by the day or look up directions to get to the Customer site. When working on a job, all the information regarding any equipment they’ll be servicing as well as the history of work performed in the past is easily accessed. GPS capability allows you to track locations of your service technicians in real-time back in the office. Service techs will be able to either type in notes manually or save substantial time and effort by simply dictating the notes directly into the tablet. The notes are translated to text and automatically attached to the Work Order. It also has an Offline mode that allows your Technicians to continue working even when out of range.

Inter-Vehicle/Warehouse Transfer Tracking

Our Multi-Warehouse view enables you to quickly identify shortages or supluses of parts among all your vehicles and warehouses. You can then generate Transfer Orders effortlessly, giving you much greater control over your inventory. If you also use our bar scanning capability, the actual physical transfer of those parts becomes much easier and greatly reduces missing or inaccurate inventory.

User-Defined Equipment Specs

You can also track an unlimited number of user-defined fields specific to the equipment you rent or sell in your industry. For instance: “Belt Size”, “Voltage”, “Color”, etc. These specs can be automatically printed on a Work Order when you are performing repair or maintenance on that piece of equipment, so that your Service Reps are already well-informed about it before they begin work on it.


Accurate and timely Purchase Orders can be auto-generated from either Work Orders or General Requirements and emailed or faxed to Suppliers in minutes.

Rental Processing

Foundation 3000 includes complete Rental processing for Equipment with or without Serial tracking. Auto-recur Invoicing for indefinite rental periods, Equipment profitability reporting, visual scheduling and more.

Built-in CRM

Foundation 3000’s built-in CRM allows you to bring your Customer service to a superior level as well as enable your Sales Reps to organize, track and keep to task on all new Leads and Prospects.


With complete Warehouse Management as well as Serial number, Lot and Kit tracking, your Inventory needs are covered. In addition, for those with more advanced needs, Foundation 3000 has powerful Inventory Forecasting capabilities.

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