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Gain Unprecedented End-to-End Visibility into Revenue Processes for Revenue Recognition Forecasting and Decision Support

With Softrax Revenue Manager you can view the entire revenue process as a whole - from contract/order all the way to the final revenue reporting. Detailed analysis can be conducted on multiple levels, such as business unit, product line, market segment, contract type, account, and more. All data is presented according to the appropriate revenue recognition treatments of your revenue policy.

Softrax Revenue Manager gives you the power of intelligent revenue performance analysis for future periods based on your revenue recognition policies. It enables rapid and accurate revenue forecasting - including: deferred revenue, unbilled revenue backlog, and revenue analysis of the sales pipeline - which will help you better understand and optimize revenue performance.

You can see how all business, both ongoing and proposed, can impact future revenue growth, giving you the ability to understand how critical decisions about customer contracts, discounts, pricing, bundling, or product introductions will affect future reported revenue. You can also identify and monitor expected recognition of revenue that may be at risk because of other related actions and events.

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