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A developer of business management software.

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Softrax is the leading provider of revenue management solutions that fundamentally change the way technology companies manage, analyze and predict revenue. Softrax revenue management solutions address business critical processes and functions across the entire revenue cycle: Revenue Allocation, Revenue Recognition Compliance, Revenue Reporting and Forecasting, Renewals Processing, Contract Management, Complex Order Processing and Billing for License, Maintenance, Subscription and Transaction based business models, Fulfillment, Installed Base Management.

Our systems complement traditional accounting, financial and operations software and integrate with existing enterprise-class solutions, including Financial, ERP and CRM systems. The core processes are supported for multi-entity, multi-currency requirements, enabling companies to adapt their controls as they evolve. Modules of the Softrax revenue management system may be purchased individually or separately. They include: Softrax Operations, Softrax Contrax, Softrax Financials, Softrax Inform, Softrax Professional Services Automation (PSA), and Softrax Integrator.

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