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Comprehensive management of time and disbursement accounting, WIP management and transaction billing.

Ideally suited to accountants, architects, consultants, engineers, and lawyers. Adagio Time&Billing also works well for project accounting such as software development.

  • Maintains an unlimited number of clients, files, disbursement codes, work codes and staff members.
  • Maintains files, including work performed, staff involved, staff in charge, type of work, disbursements and budgets.
  • User-specific customizable grids and finder let you choose which fields to display, and change their title, size and position.
  • Supports multiple rates, including cost rates, special hourly rates, cost plus contracts and lump sum fees.
  • Tracks and accounts for Work in Progress.
  • Pop-Up TimeKeeper helps staff track and submit time and disbursements.
  • WYSIWYG bill designer including graphics and logo.
  • Client Inquiry Drill-down to client information, as you enter invoices.

The task of tracking and billing for professional services can be daunting. Different staff members perform a suite of tasks, using different charge out rates, work codes, activity codes, and file numbers, all the while incurring expenses on behalf of clients. Fortunately, Adagio Time&Billing with Adagio Receivables simplifies and streamlines this task.

T&B maintains complete information on clients, staff members and files. Through simple drill-down, you can oversee who’s doing what, for whom, for how long, at what cost, and for how much longer. T&B also makes it easy to track how your staff are performing. Billable and non-billable statistics, rates and overtime are tracked, and can be fed to Payroll systems.

There’s no point in working hard if you’re not going to get paid for it. That’s why T&B’s Billing module offers flexible features like the ability to bill multiple files on one client bill. At any time, the Billing module can automatically generate a billing batch for all unbilled time and disbursements for selected clients and files across a range of dates with a variety of filters. Progress or final bills can be generated with write-offs or write-ups, at the file type or work code level. Optionally, disbursements can be retrieved and marked up from Adagio Ledger or Adagio Checks.

T&B lets you bill smarter too, so you can spend less time printing bills and more time billing time. Add new clients and dockets on the fly while entering batches, thereby saving time. The WYSIWYG bill designer lets you drag and drop fields into place. Print your bills on blank paper, with graphics and logos, so you can print bills for multiple clients with different billing forms, without changing forms in your printer. Uses predefined bill specs for several popular invoice form suppliers. T&B for Windows also lets you print multi-part bills: “client copy” and “accounting copy”, for example. And better yet, T&B lets you email or fax your bills to save on paper and postage.

T&B tracks everything your company needs to know about each file’s invoicing and billing methods, staffing, history, and budget.

The Enter Billing Batch function shows you the work-in-progress details, restricted by file, source code and date range so you can easily decide what to bill.

What is special about Time and Billing?

  • Powerful Windows environment.
  • Batch Grids with multi-select print and post.
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Bill Designer.
  • Place graphics on bills.
  • Drill-down Client and Transaction Inquiry.
  • Crystal Reports for Adagio reporting technology.
  • Converts TBR for DOS, including WIP and bill specs.
  • Pop Up Time Keeper.

Other Applications

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"Adagio Time&Billing" is part of the Adagio Accounting Suite line of products, developed by Softrak Systems.