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Adagio Accounting Suite

For accountants that demand more from their accounting software
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Adagio Accounting is a multi-ledger, modular accounting system that provides best-in-class audit controls and financial reporting capabilities. It is designed for small and mid-sized businesses that process significant volumes of transactions – where batch processing provides additional error prevention and audit functions that don’t exist in real-time systems.

Adagio controls the creation and management of electronic forms such as invoices, statements and checks, providing clients with a path to a paperless accounting environment. It provides many high-value features found in large enterprise accounting systems, priced and packaged for cost-conscious businesses that have outgrown the entry-level products.

Key Features

  • Adagio leads its category with comprehensive controls for audit trail, data integrity and GAAP compliance.
  • Financial reporting, including dashboards and automated report distribution capabilities, ensures timely availability of information.
  • With over 25 accounting modules available, Adagio offers features and capabilities for accounting departments that look for a system that they will not outgrow.
  • Usability and functionality is tuned to how professional accountants work, resulting in increased productivity and accuracy of financial information.

Adagio Accounting is provided by Softrak Systems – which celebrates its 30th year in business. Softrak has an extensive channel of dealers and integrators that can provide local service and support.

Industry Solutions

First Nations: Adagio has a large client-base in First Nations. It is designed for managing divisions, departments and different business entities that can roll-up to a consolidated GL.

Non-Profit: Adagio offers special pricing for Not for Profit organizations, such as Community Living agencies. Adagio supports fund accounting, and has modules that are designed for the unique requires of Community Living agencies.

Construction: Adagio’s construction solution addresses the requirements for job costing, budgeting and financial reporting to help companies manage their projects profitably.

Wholesale Distribution: Adagio can support the most complex distribution environments, with complex inventory costing, multi-currency inventory order management, and integration with webstores.

Business Services: Adagio offers special licensing for professional management consulting and accounting services firms. Adagio’s financial reporter has amazing capabilities for creating reports, automating report distribution, and integrating data from multiple disparate sources.

Popular Functionality Modules

Adagio Ledger Adagio Ledger provides a complete General Ledger for your business. Batch transaction management ensures only balanced entries are posted to your ledger. Tightly integrates…

Adagio Payables Adagio Payables provides complete accounts payable management for your business. Track amounts owed to vendors, improve cash flow by maximizing early payment discounts and…

Adagio Receivables Adagio Receivables integrates with Softrak’s Adagio OrderEntry, Adagio Invoices and/or Time&Billing to provide complete receivables management for your business…

Adagio BankRec Here’s the easy way to track your bank account balances in Adagio. Here’s the easy way to track your bank account balances in Adagio®. Adagio BankRec provides…

Adagio Reports The industry standard reporting engine for accounting systems, specifically designed to work with your accounting data. Uses the industry standard Crystal Reports V8.5…

Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of Adagio Accounting Suite

from Aboriginal Strategies L.P. says…

We have installed the Adagio Accounting Suite in many First Nations. It is especially well suited to First Nation accounting because it handles the ever-changing environment well. Adagio allows for simple addition of accounts and departments which automatically populate to the financial statements. The ability to set departments as inactive and then have them ignored in the financial reports is key as many projects in First Nations are one-time or are only there for a year or two.

Adagio also handles Capital Project reporting well as it is very easy to set up a department for a project and produce a multi-year report for that project to track the costs and budget variances for the entire project even if it spans several year ends.

It is easy to train on as the menus are intuitive. Since Adagio is a batch accounting system it is also very easy to support the clients when there are mistakes to be corrected as correcting batches can be worked on without tying up the client’s data and then posted once they have been fully tested.

The good: There are so many things: - Almost any report can be exported to Excel. This makes analysis extremely easy as Ledger listings, Payables listings, and other reports can be funnelled to Excel and then all of Excel’s powerful functions are quickly available. - Adagio is continually being improved. The product was solid 20 years ago, now it is simply fantastic. - Full drill-down capability from within the modules or from the financial reports. - Very flexible financial reporter. Almost any imaginable financial report can be created to pull data from accounting transactions that have been entered.

The bad: Nearly every deficiency that we have brought to their attention has been addressed as new releases have come out.

The only complaint would be about the Bank Reconciliation module, it is a powerful tool but it is also very complicated to set up and therefore makes is difficult to support. Fortunately the Bank Reconciliation module is totally optional and the product functions perfectly well without it.


We selected to use Adagio. It is a lesser known software package but had a lot of functionality we needed to track expenses on a detailed job basis. It was a batch system similar to AccPac but was a lot more user friendly and had more flexibility to it. Adagio has a reporting function that allows you to design your our reports based the information recorded in the system and allowed you to design it in the format you like. It has the ability to allow managers to view reports directly on their computers and not have to rely on the accounting staff to provide the reports to them.

The good: the best part was the flexibility within the program making it easier and quicker to use once you know the system. It allows integration with the payroll systems that creates the accounting journal entry automatically and therefore eliminating a lot of extra work creating allocation spreadsheets. The conversion from our old accounting system to the new one was seamless.

The bad: As with any new software program there was a lot of training involved to learn the new system.

Additional Ratings

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