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DonorPerfect Fundraising Software offers two lines of products, DonorPerfect Visual Edition and DonorPerfect Online, both of which are designed specially for nonprofit fund raising organizations. DonorPerfect is the only fund raising system where screens, fields, and reports can be configured to fit your needs. Your organization receives the benefits of a custom solution and the simplicity of a ready-to-install, cost-effective, reliable and proven system.

DonorPerfect Visual Edition, our 32-bit PC/LAN-based product, includes such features as:

  • Donor and prospect record maintenance,
  • Gift and pledge processing,
  • Special events,
  • Membership and volunteer management,
  • Receipts and acknowledgements,
  • Mailing lists and personalized communications,
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis,
  • EFT,
  • and much more!

DonorPerfect Online, our Web-based solution, includes many of the same features as Visual Edition, while providing additional benefits that can only be obtained through the Web. DonorPerfect Online provides access to fund raising information anytime, anywhere, while eliminating the cost of installing, maintaining and upgrading software and hardware. A low, volume-based monthly fee provides all the simplicity and flexibility that Donor Perfect is known for, while taking full advantage of the power and accessibility of the Web.

Visual Edition specs/hardware requirements: Windows 95 or higher, minimum 32MB RAM; Pentium processor or higher. Program uses 15 MB of hard disk. Data uses approximately 1.2 MB for every 2000 names. Ideal for any size organization. Network version supports any Windows or net bios compatible LAN.

DonorPerfect Online specs/hardware requirements: Usable on any computer (including Apple) with a standard browser and Internet connection. Data is maintained in a professionally managed, secure facility. All data transmission is 128-bit encrypted.

DonorPerfect worldwide users include museums, schools, hospitals, health, social service and community organizations, and many others!

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  • DonorPerfect

    A fundraising application designed by SofterWare for non-profit organizations.

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