Is BuroWARE 4.0 right for your business?

BuroWARE 4.0 is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a BuroWARE 4.0 demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare BuroWARE 4.0 with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

Softengine is German based firm specializing in ERP Software.

The software is a powerful, comprehensive and flexible Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. It has virtually all of the power and functionality of BuroWARE, but removes the Designer Tool and some of the customization. If you are seeking the ability to fully integrate your accounting, operations and sales functionality, but have a limited budget, BuroWARE Express is an unbelievable package.

  • A fully-integrated User-Specific Windows-based system, utilizing one database, eliminating duplicate data, allowing simultaneous access to accounts by multiple users, with user security down to the individual field level
  • Secure and stable server-based system and architecture
  • Superior Real-time Inventory Management and Production Stage Tracking, with automated purchasing suggestions, multiple warehouses and locations, work in progress, and bill of materials, to optimize cash-flow and minimize carrying costs
  • A Full Accounting System with Automated Collection, Warning and Credit-Hold functions to reduce age of receivables
  • Global MIS (Management Information System) and FIS (Financial Information System) with smart reports, flash reports, and complete historical data on items, transactions, accounts, phone calls, financials and more for superior forecasting, budgeting and control of costs, receivables, inventory and margins
  • Rapid Order Entry (for mail order and telephone sales)
  • Item Images on order screens, proposals, catalogs, shipping instructions, webshop and more
  • Barcoding for faster and more accurate sales and inventory entries
  • EDI integration to accommodate large accounts
  • Shipping integrated with UPS
  • Our GoToWeb e-commerce component, which automatically transmits new customer info and orders into, and updates inventory items out of BuroWARE, replacing costly manual order entry and site administration
  • Remote Order Entry (for trade shows and field sales)
  • Office Planner for comprehensive contact and Customer Relations Management (CRM) to maximize communication and eliminate errors, includes Call Notes, Scheduler with “Reminder” function and multiple contacts per account
  • A Point of Sale component
  • Serial Number and Lot Organization
  • Data Import/Export for items, customers, vendors, communicating with other software, and automated mass transactions (e.g., assigning new customer numbers to old files)

Business software is a management tool. BuroWARE is simply the best tool for the job. When you combine, flexibility and functionality with both immediate and long-term price, there is nothing on the market that even comes close. Additionally, although BuroWARE’s product is outstanding, rest assured our service is also exceptional.