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SoftEngine DE.

A developer of business management software designed for the distribution industry.

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Softengine is German based firm specializing in ERP Software.

They are a leader in truly flexible ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) business solutions. Through the company’s innovative and targeted solutions we help you win customer loyalty and control costs by helping you gain greater control of your operations. By focusing on select vertical markets, we deliver deep domain expertise to the industries that we serve.

Bottom Line Differences

At first glance, most companies have very similar requirements of their business software. However, when taking a closer look, each and every company has very unique needs.

BuroWARE is the all-in-one, integrated business software that satisfies all standard requirements, while providing a safe and cost-effective way to tailor specific solutions to individual organizations.

From prospecting to accounting, all functions in BuroWARE utilize a single database, which saves countless hours of data entry and helps eliminate redundant and inconsistent information. Real-time processing also keeps all company facts and figures up-to-the-moment, across the entire network and at all remote locations.

Customization Without Programming

Every user of high-end business software knows that flexibility is important. Although most vendors provide some ‘development tool’, you know how much programming time and effort is still needed for even the smallest changes. This is where BuroWARE stands apart from the rest.

Through our ‘Designer Module’, all enhancements are soft-coded. This means that a fraction of the time is needed for modifications, there is no loss of customization when upgrading, and future changes can be made in-house, without having to rely on programmers. BuroWARE grows with your company, providing you with long-term savings and ever-increasing efficiencies.

BuroWARE bridges the gap between off-the-shelf packages and expensive custom software. Screens, menus, tables, forms, reports, buttons, keyboard setting, formulas, calculations, colors, and even the BuroWARE Management and Financial Information Systems can be tailored to fit your specific needs. What once took days can now be accomplished in just a few hours.

We don’t just sell software. BuroWARE’s team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing every one of our clients with effective business solutions. Our goal is to create long-term partnerships that are rewarding to our customers.

Product Lines

  • BuroWARE 4.0

    A software system designed by SoftEngine DE. for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

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