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Fourth Shift Edition for SAP Business One

A multi-module management system designed by SoftBrands for manufacturing companies.
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This product has been acquired by Infor and rebranded to Infor Fourth Shift.

Fourth Shift Edition for SAP Business One is a powerful software system that combines the sophisticated business controls, intuitive navigation and multiple customization tools of SAP Business One, with the flexibility and scalability of the functionally rich and diverse Fourth Shift manufacturing system. SAP Business One is an easy-to-use business and operational management solution for emerging and dynamic businesses ranging in size from 10 to several hundred employees. The solution is simple yet powerful, allowing an immediate and complete view of both business operations and customer activities.



  • Customize data, define currency exchange rates and configure permissions
  • System setup gives you an easy, step-by-step list that shows you how to set up all company data and preferences in a few quick steps
  • Define and identify your users, currencies, payment terms, salespeople, banks, commissions and much more
  • Keep your business information secure with comprehensive user validation that makes sure only the right people have access to your data
  • Enter your foreign currency rates and indexes or auto download rates from the Web, which can then be used in reports and data entry
  • Disaster Recovery tools to allow you to restore your data, if needed
  • Send documents or reports to internal users, customers or suppliers by mail, fax and SMS

Customer and Vendor Operations


  • Reduce the time it takes to enter, manage and analyze customer and vendor orders
  • Give realistic delivery dates based on advanced Available to Promise (ATP) functionality
  • Simplify buying decisions through intuitive action messaging
  • Improve customer satisfaction by responding quickly to quotation requests and customer inquiries
  • Accurately track sub-contracted items and external WIP
  • Easily generate vendor forecasts you can use in negotiations
  • Utilize powerful vendor contract management tools

Financial Accounting


  • Define all your company’s accounts and their hierarchical relationships
  • Save time and prevent mistakes when entering manual journal entries with transaction templates
  • Create your own set of recurring transactions, including automatic frequency reminders
  • Adjust your foreign currency accounts to the changes in your local currency
  • Display your balances and transactions and view all your financial reports in any desired currency and in each detailing level
  • Display your reports in a comparative view between months, quarters, years or any other period
  • Define and track your budget in any currency and view a summarized budget report, which compares the actual versus the planned figures
  • Create unlimited financial reporting templates

Human Resource Management


  • Enter and maintain employee information such as the age, marital status, telephone numbers, addresses, salaries and bank details
  • Manage data regarding employee education, previous jobs record, and results of professional reviews and absence
  • Analyze employee costs and salaries, print phone directories and absence reports and more with extensive reporting functionality
  • Attach relevant documents and files regarding the employee to his or her employee record
  • Specify the position of every employee and the exact location of the office in which he or she works

Inventory Management


  • View real-time information on all the items needed to produce your product and keep your manufacturing operations running smoothly
  • Track lot-traced items throughout the manufacturing process, from receiving through shipping
  • Automatically create serial numbers utilizing a variety of variables such as dates, order numbers, part numbers and more
  • Prepare, record and track customer shipments
  • Track inventory more accurately using multiple inventory statuses including on-hand, staged, inspection and quarantined
  • Stock room action screens allow for personnel to determine what to stage and ship as well as giving them tools to combine orders for specific carriers
  • Utilize in-line control point backflushing to allow for real time update of inventory before product is finished
  • Track inventory more accurately using multiple inventory statuses including on-hand, staged, inspection and quarantined

Management Reporting


  • Support management decisions with simple and flexible reporting functionality
  • Track order variances using seven key variance types
  • Use ABC classification to determine ordering frequencies and cycle counting methodologies
  • Monitor performance of production orders

Manufacturing Operations


  • Meet delivery promises by coordinating purchasing, manufacturing and shipping activities
  • Allow for configure to order as well as post deduction (backflushing) of component material and resources
  • Easily manage standard and custom product operations
  • Plan and execute production and inventory strategies
  • Manage product configurations and improve customer order processing
  • View operational data in real-time for powerful, online decision support
  • Simplify record keeping and analysis of manufacturing orders
  • Check component availability
  • Validate component requirements
  • Calculate material usage variances

Planning and Scheduling


  • Perform Material Requirements Planning (MRP) based on a wide range of criteria
  • Use MRP-based quantity calculations such as Lot Size or Lot Size Day as well as order point triggers
  • Maintain an optimum manufacturing plan based on the master production schedule,sales forecasts, inventory status, open orders and bills of resources
  • Complete what if analyses by selecting any combination of planning variables such as forecasts, open sales order, open production orders and stock levels
  • Execute efficient sales, manufacturing and purchasing plans with powerful decision support tools
  • Fully interactive message-based lean planning system informs planners and buyers of not only what and when to order, but also when to reschedule, cancel or expedite

Product Management


  • Manage all materials, resources, tools and reference items used to manufacture products
  • Accurately develop, simulate and analyze product costs
  • Manage engineering changes by automatically scheduling each planned change on the date on which it becomes effective
  • Easily understand the effect of changes in material and labor costs, overhead rates, scrap and yield and product structures
  • Control the relationship between products, optimize production scheduling and minimize inventory

Sales and Distribution


  • Comprehensive pipeline management tools allow weighted pipeline analysis, opportunity tracking and win/loss reporting
  • Create invoices and record stock and journal transactions automatically
  • Track sales tax at the tax jurisdiction level in order to charge customers the appropriate tax wherever they are located
  • Schedule activities such as calls, meetings and other to-dos, keeping visibility of all contact with customers and prospects
  • Easily issue a quotation to a customer or prospect and then create an order automatically from the quote
  • Credit your customers for any reason, including customer returns
  • Make each and every one of your customers feel like they are your most important customer with visibility across your organization of every contact any employee has with them

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