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Foxfire! is a query and reporting tool for developers and end users of all skill levels. Users can query, report, graph, drill down and perform other data mining tasks from FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, MS SQL Server, Access, Sybase, and Oracle tables.

  • The ultimate query and report generator
  • A lighting-fast assistant for end users who lack technical or data skills
  • A power tool for developers who are tired of answering questions about reporting and don’t want to do it themselves

Foxfire!’s simple forms and rich data dictionary eliminate the techno-trivia. With Foxfire! almost anyone can instantly create:

  • Data mining and extracts
  • Complex queries
  • Ad hoc reporting to paper, PDF, email
  • Excel spreadsheets, charts and pivot tables
  • XML
  • Cross tabs
  • Much, much more

Best of all, Foxfire! is customizable. No more waiting for that next release. Add all the features you need in minutes. Without modifying source code.

With our unique WIZARD, users are “stepped” through creating their own reports, or as they become familiar with the system, can create their own sophisticated complex reports. Our managed query environment and quick-report generator allow users to create the most complex queries and reports without technical skill or programming

With more than 130 customized sales analysis reports, you have all the information you can imagine at your finger tips.

Our report writer includes Mail Merge reports, Labels, Letters, and more than 100 Excel spread sheets.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Report Writer:

"Report Writer" is part of the Golden Accounting System line of products, developed by SMH Consulting.