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Item Entry

Define inventory items, assign vendors, scan images, and view quantity on hand information. Users may also define unit of measure conversions.

Item Warehouse Entry

Define stock items for specific warehouses using this option. Users may set reorder quantities (for use with the Auto purchasing features), as well as view quantity information (On Hand, Available, on Sales Order, on Purchase Order, etc)

Customer Item Pricing

Set special pricing for an individual customer or a set of customers (if Accounts Receivable module is installed). Users may create discount, markup, or override prices for customers, which will automatically appear during order entry. You can also set up pricing structures based on specific class of customer, for instance, a Stocking Dealer pays more than a Container Customer. Within this price structure you have 5 additional levels of pricing. In addition, when a customer requires you to document THEIR SKU/Item number, this system accommodates this as well

Transaction Processing Options

Adjust inventory quantities quickly and easily through receipt, shipment, adjustment, warehouse transfers, and production options.

Mini Bill of Material Entry

Create kit items with an unlimited number of components. This is also where you would control assortments/pre packs. With this feature you control whether the “components” print on the invoices, packing lists, sales orders (all or selected forms)

Physical Inventory Work Sheet

Create and print worksheets to adjust item quantities.

Auto Purchasing

Users may set order quantities to automatically reorder stock based on current quantities. If the Purchase order module is installed, users may automatically create purchase orders.

Inventory Valuation Report

Print the current inventory quantities and values for items in all warehouses.

  • Inventory Quantities by Warehouse, Print items and respective quantities by warehouse.

Listings and Reports by

Product Line, Inventory Warehouse, Alternate Item, Print inventory variances.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the Golden Accounting System line of products, developed by SMH Consulting.