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  • Dashboards can track statutes, filings, deadlines, statuses and much more.
  • Dashboards can manage your cases. For example, we have dashboards to track client call backs, receipt of documents such as retainers, and to ensure that tasks are completed.
  • Dashboards can track New Case Performance such as where your cases are coming from (referrers, advertising, etc.) and how many intakes turn into retained cases.
  • Dashboards have filtering capability. You can filter by date, case type, key words and more.
  • Reports are specially designed pre-formatted reports intended to help you manage your case files.
  • Reports are “subscribable”. You can schedule any report to be delivered to you via email any time you want it (every Monday, every 1st of the months, etc.).
  • Our Query system allows you to “create a report” if one you require is not included in the pre-formatted reports.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Reports and Dashboards:

"Reports and Dashboards" is part of the SmartAdvocate line of products, developed by SmartAdvocate.