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  • Documents such as retainers, questionnaires, and authorizations can be bar-coded so they can be automatically attached to the case when scanned.
  • Document Generation & History - Create and store all documents created in your case in the case document screen so you can easily view the case’s document history.
  • Document templates are defined with “Merge Codes” that insert information from the case into the document.
  • Copying Documents from one case to another - You can easily copy a document from one case to another. This feature is particularly useful for re-using rather specific similar motions, opposition, notices of claim, etc. as “templates” for use in other cases.
  • Favorite documents - Users can set frequently used form documents as their favorites. When generating a letter, they can select “favorites” and select from their most frequently used documents eliminating the need to search or scroll through the entire firm’s database of documents.
  • Mass Mailing - In addition to generating individual documents, SmartAdvocate® allows you to mass assemble documents based on specific needs. For example, if you want to send an update letter to all of your Actos clients who have had a heart attack, SmartAdvocate® can locate these cases, and using a form, prepare a customized letter to each client.
  • SmartAdvocate® also allows you to access all documents and emails that relate to a particular party or provider from the document screen or from that party or provider’s screen in the case file (i.e., medical records requests from the medical provider screen, plaintiff letters from the plaintiff’s screen, etc.).
  • Envelopes can be associated with a document and generated automatically when document is generated. When envelope is generated, postage cost can be automatically added to Case Disbursements.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Documents:

"Documents" is part of the SmartAdvocate line of products, developed by SmartAdvocate.