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When creator of SmartAdvocate started looking at the Case Management System for his practice he spent a long time evaluating various systems that were available at the time. In short, no single program provided all the solutions that a comprehensive case management system should. Moreover, none of the systems performed with the level of detail, sophistication, and reliability needed to keep a firm competitive. None provided integrated email-based communication between law firms, clients, and co-counsel. None of the software companies were flexible enough to adapt their software to meet needs.

As a result – over a five year period – the creator of SmartAdvocate developed a comprehensive list of features that most would want in a state-of-the-art case management program for my own office. Such a program would provide an all-inclusive profile of the people, in- and out-of court activity, potential value, injuries, critical dates, status, insurance, and other vital information for every case, in or out of the office, at any time, in a simple and user-friendly format that did not confuse or intimidate staff.

This ideal program would also present as much information as possible on one screen to avoid frustrating and time consuming searches, digging, clicking and misunderstandings. Shortcuts and other navigational tools would be a must. Special pop-up screens would ensure the user and the office that no critical information would ever be forgotten or overlooked. The final – and one of the most important requirements – would be the fullest integration and compatibility possible with Windows®, the World Wide Web and Microsoft’s Outlook®.

That ‘wish list’ started the ball rolling on a project that has been exhilarating, exhausting, expensive, and, above all, very rewarding. The project brought together expert technicians and programmers, experienced personal injury and trial lawyers, and management consultants.

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