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Slingshot’s Accounts Payable application forms an integral part of the advance financial management capabilities of the Enterprise Suite and offers all the functionality you would expect in a leading edge application. Access to enterprise suite applications is provided via a user configurable dashboard. The dashboard supports Alerts, Favorites Links, Key Performance Graphs, Workflow Tracking and a Message Board.

Slingshot’s Accounts Payable software efficiently processes payables documents, improves supplier relationships and maximizes cash flow. Invoices can be matched to purchase orders or entered stand alone. Invoices can be routed for electronic approval or, can be approved automatically when a receipt is matched. Several tools and entry options speed the processing of non-PO invoices. Templates can be used for common account distributions. Invoices can be flagged to automatically recur on any desired frequency. Invoices and payments can be processed in any currency.

Payments can be issued electronically or by printed check. Check processing is efficient and highly flexible. Initiate a check run, or quickly print a single check.

The check run processor allows you to select documents for payment by supplier, type of supplier, bank (currency), or due date. Review the proposed payments and exclude invoices, parts of invoices or entire payments. When you are satisfied, click Print Checks and the documents are created. To void a check, simply select it and enter a void reason. The system will reopen associated invoices, and record the void reason: voided by (user), date and time on the check document.

Account reconciliation has never been easier or faster. Enter the statement balance, your general ledger account balance, bank interest and fees. Next, either browse to a Cleared Items File or Positive Pay File (received from your bank by eCityConnect) for automatic reconciliation; or, check off the items listed on your statement using for Outstanding Payments form. Automated escheat processing simplifies escheat compliance.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Payable:

"Accounts Payable" is part of the Slingshot Enterprise Suite line of products, developed by Slingshot Software.