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Slingshot’s General Ledger application forms an integral part of the advance financial management capabilities of the Enterprise Suite and offers all the functionality you would expect in a leading edge application. Access to enterprise suite applications is provided via a user configurable dashboard. The dashboard supports Alerts, Favorites Links, Key Performance Graphs, Workflow Tracking and a Message Board.

Slingshot’s General Ledger (GL) software speeds the process of preparing and presenting accurate financial information. The foundation is a flexible multi-dimensional general ledger account. Your account number can be any length and can be divided into multiple parts called elements (e.g. company, division, natural account). The account itself stores balances by period and type of information called dimensions (e.g. financial, adjustment, budget, revised budget, statistical). There is no limit to the number of dimensions or the years of history.

A hierarchy of account elements can be defined for inquiry and reporting purposes. This hierarchy is called a Summary Structure. For example, cash in bank and accounts receivable elements could be summarized as current assets. Furthermore current assets could itself by rolled up into total assets. Multiple Summary Structures can be defined (e.g. tax versus book).

Account summary structures ensure that summary totals are always correct. They also allow you to add new elements and connect them to reporting structures without changing reports. Slingshot’s General Ledger management allows you to inquire on summary account balances. Click on the summary balance and drill down to individual account balances. Click on a balance and drill back to the journal entries and the source documents in any Slingshot application.

Financial transactions originating in other Slingshot applications are posted to the GL when the source document is posted. These journal entries can be posted in detail or summarized by account or account and sign (debit or credit). This option can vary by type of journal. The summary option will greatly reduce the transactions in your general ledger.

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"General Ledger" is part of the Advanced Financial Management line of products, developed by Slingshot Software.

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