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Slingshot’s Fixed Asset application forms an integral part of the advanced financial management capabilities of the Enterprise Suite and offers all the functionality that you would expect in a leading edge application. Access to enterprise suite applications is provided via a user configurable dashboard. The dashboard provides Alerts, Favorites Links, Key Performance Graphs, Workflow Tracking and a Message Board.

Slingshot Software’s Fixed Asset Management application streamlines the complex process of managing and accounting for enterprise assets, giving you complete visibility into your asset infrastructure and ensuring that your financial depreciation schedules are up to date.

Slingshot’s Fixed Asset Management is a comprehensive solution that provides enterprise asset management, fixed asset accounting and integrated reporting capabilities to mid to large size organizations across numerous industries. Slingshot’s flexible and powerful Fixed Asset Management application supports your unique and complex business processes, greatly reduces the time spent on data entry and maintenance, and allows you to effectively and efficiently manage your assets without generating unnecessary overhead.

Slingshot’s Fixed Asset Management application is fully integrated with Slingshot’s Enterprise Business Suite, which includes Purchase Order Management, Inventory and Warehouse Management, General Ledger, and Accounts Payable applications. And it integrates seamlessly with external vendor applications using published APIs.

Slingshot’s Fixed Asset Management solution gives you complete visibility into the entire asset lifecycle, from its original procurement, to deployment and servicing, and through to the asset’s obsolescence and eventual disposal. Throughout the process, Slingshot gives you multiple views into your underlying asset infrastructure, allowing you to generate and analyze accurate data.

Slingshot’s Fixed Asset application allows you to associate property coverage (e.g. fire and theft) by policy to an asset, detailing carrier, policy start date, end date, coverage amount and policy limitations. Slingshot’s exposure reporting highlights inadequate or excessive coverage by asset. Slingshot also allows you to track non-depreciable assets (rented or leased) and incorporate them in expense and capital forecasts.

Slingshot’s Fixed Asset Management offers numerous depreciation methods build in including, Straight-Line, Modified Straight-Line, Units of Use, Sum-of-the-Years-Digits and Double Declining Balance. Depreciation schedules can also be user defined providing the utmost flexibility and control.

Slingshot allows you to revalue assets or asset groups to account for inflation, deflation, asset improvement or impairment. Financial transactions account for the change in value automatically. You can also add a cost to an asset at a later date, such as freight, installation costs or sales tax. Accumulated and future depreciation amounts are updated automatically.

Slingshot’s Capital Budgeting facility accurately predicts future capital needs. The forecast is based on the current asset population, expected remaining lives, future growth or shrinkage in asset counts, replacement cost assumptions (price inflation or deflation) and financing assumptions (future share of buy, rent and lease).

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