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The Plan module includes (but is not limited to) the specific features listed below.

Plan continuously compares supply and demand, and maintains an optimal schedule of planned supply order and planner notices. A supply calendar (e.g. work schedule) defines available “units“ for each resource. A graphical display projects availability for each type of resource. Shortages can be overcome by rescheduling work orders or resources.

A transportation modeling facility allows you to build truck loads and to view shipping capacity between points in your supply chain.

  • Support for material, capacity and transportation planning
  • Patented ”continuous“ planning process
  • Easy to understand, graphical, planning displays
  • Peg to source of demand
  • Planning notices provide ”management by exception“
  • ”User defined“ notice queries organize your work queue
  • Select notices and take default actions
  • Integrate distribution, assembly and value added processes
  • Flexible planning rules
  • Multiple safety stock policies (service level, time, % of lead time, fixed qty)
  • Multiple order policies (min / max / multi, fixed qty)
  • Multiple lead times (ordering, transit, receipt and put away)
  • Multiple ordering methods (automated PO release, auto request, manual order)
  • Supply options (purchase, request, build, transfer)
  • Implicit or explicit firm fence
  • Templates simplify rule maintenance
  • Real time integration with purchasing, sales and inventory management

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"Plan" is part of the Inventory and Supply Chain Management line of products, developed by Slingshot Software.

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