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Skyware Hospitality Solutions

A developer of business management software.

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Skyware specializes in software solutions for the hospitality industry. Our main products are:

  • Skyware PMS for hotel front office operations and
  • Skyware Sales and Catering for conference center operations.

With more than 30 years’ experience developing and supporting hospitality industry products for major hotel software companies, we bring the necessary expertise to solution your every need. Skyware PMS focuses on user flexibility, with software created to meet the demanding requirements of the hotel industry. Our hotels rely 24/7 on software solution support and our software modules and templates can be customized to fit your individual hotel’s needs.

Skyware PMS was the first property management system product to wholly embrace the .Net environment. With more than 10+ years experience with Microsoft Windows-based products, we are significantly ahead of our competitors. Because of its patented technology, Skyware PMS has the fastest-possible database. The software platform utilizes the popular SQL database engine and operates on standard PC-based systems that use the Windows operating system, providing a low cost of ownership. Thanks to the success of our knowledgeable staff and partners, Skyware has successfully expanded into the Latin American marketplace.

Skyware’s Mission

Skyware’s mission is to provide real, personalized American-based service to all clients; offer the next generation of technology tools; and enable clients to provide the highest quality of service to their guests while controlling their technology costs and ensuring maximum profitability. Skyware’s breakthrough technology will be the model for the next decade that other technology companies in the hospitality industry follow.

Skyware strives not just to be your typical property management software company. We are committed to having a customer-driven attitude that unfolds throughout all of our solutions and services. Our philosophy day in and day out focuses on great staff, intuitive technology and excellent service.

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