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A complete loan management system for borrowers that not only automates your loan transactions, but also aggregates your debt by project and portfolio, tracking key real estate performance and risk metrics over time. PortfolioDM automates loan transactions for variable and fixed rate real estate loans, construction loans, development loans, permanent loans, equipment loans, etc. Initiate your payments from within the system and Portfolio DM will calculate the amount and timing of each of your loan payments for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payment periods. The system retains everything regarding all of your loans, including the ability to scan in documents for easy retrieval. You will have a wealth of information regarding your entire loan portfolio, which will provide you with a myriad of available reports. PortfolioDM can project forward the loan balances and transactions for each of your loans as well as provide interest budgeting, current portion, and amortization. It also provides you with transaction reports such as Escrow Ledger, Commitment Ledger, and Loan Ledger.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Loan Management Software:

  • Comparative Finance
  • ExecutiveDM Portal
  • Integration
  • Interest Dispute
  • Note Creator
  • Portfolio Management

"Loan Management Software" is part of the Portfolio Debt Manager line of products, developed by SkiCat Enterprises, Software Development.