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The Inventory module of the Singletouch system is fully integrated with purchasing and job costing. The system will track pricing for all transactions moving in and out of inventory and from location to location. You can choose to use any of the generally accepted accounting principles to track inventory valuations. The software also includes a very sophisticated inventory count process to adjust inventory to actual count as often as you need.

The system tracks each individual item and can even be used to track inventory stores on trucks as well as job sites. Your clients are then even able to track expenses as well as Contractor stores on location if your customer has purchased the items but expects the you to manage the on site inventory.

The inventory screen allows you to track inventory by specific location or from a global view. This allows you to transfer inventory from one location to another and not simply purchase more inventory and increase the risk of inventory obsolescence

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Management:

"Inventory Management" is part of the Singletouch Enterprise Software line of products, developed by Singletouch.