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A developer of business management software designed for the construction industry.

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Singletouch was founded in 1997 to solve the challenge of three significant business problems faced by a recently founded Contracting firm. The three problems were; (1) how can we handle data once as opposed to three and four times, (2) how can we ensure all costs were accurately captured and reported on invoices and finally (3) how can we provide real time reports to manage the day to day business of a Contractor.

The Singletouch philosophy is to ensure that all data is handled only once at the source with the individual responsible for the record keeping. The following Impacts will be felt when Singletouch is deployed in your organization:

  • Greater Profit - Our system allows you to maintain a very small back office staff because their volume of work does not increase with more projects or work flow.
  • Performance Management - Our software allows your Managers and Executives to manage the business using a number of different matrices. Matrices that can be managed in real time are percentage complete, profit by manager, profit by area, profit by foreman, etc.
  • Faster Cashflow - Your ability to turn expenditures into income in the shortest possible cycle ensures you are in firm control of your business.

Singletouch has been built specifically for construction and contracting companies and we understand the challenges you are faced with. Let our business experience and software help you drive efficiencies and profitability.

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