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SimCrest Purchasing Approval Workflow allows you to set up workflow rules for purchase or sales documents to be approved before being released if they don’t meet certain standards.

How it works

You can setup thresholds for users so they can only approve up to a certain amount. Emails can be sent to approvers that documents are ready to review and approval and once approved emails can be sent to the involved parties. A user will fill out a document and submit it for approval. The approver will receive an email generated by the transaction attempt. The approver can then click the document link within the email and Navision will bring up the document for approval.

When the approver pulls up the document for approval, he or she can approve the document and an email is then sent back to the person who entered the document. There is also an option to have the system send notification to others on the approval list as well. The system supports technical approvals also.

It is possible to see the complete approval history of all documents with date, time and User ID’s. Everything is setup inside Microsoft Navision and you can setup as many approval rules as you want for both the purchase and sales application areas.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchasing Approval Workflow:

"Purchasing Approval Workflow" is part of the Navision Software Enhancements line of products, developed by SimCrest.