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Print from any software program directly to Microsoft Excel™. This product is a printer driver that allows you to print anything directly to Excel™. It works basically similar to the Adobe PDF™ program only the “print” ends up in Excel™. The printer driver will format the print and put it into the correct columns in Excel™ and format with special font characteristics if necessary.

Although this printer driver allows you to print from any Windows-based software package directly to Excel, this fact sheet will demonstrate how to use it specifically with Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV (Navision).

While in your Microsoft Navision® report or document, choose Print like you would to print to paper on your printer. When it opens the dialog box, choose Print2Excel Print Driver in the drop down list of printers.

The printer driver’s Properties has options that allow you to filter out blank lines and/or columns as well as to only print lines with certain characteristics. You can create profiles to remember all settings for specific documents or just click “OK” to print. The information is spooled to an image file and then converted to Excel™. Depending on the amount of data, larger reports may take a bit longer to convert.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Print-2-Excel:

"Print-2-Excel" is part of the Navision Software Enhancements line of products, developed by SimCrest.