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A developer of business management software.

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SimCrest has an extensive knowledge of management information and accounting systems. Since 1990 we have been working with Navision Software in Denmark and we have implemented over 250 Navision solutions worldwide. Because of our tenure with Navision, we have the experience necessary to develop key add-ons for Navision Attain.

Our excellent training methodology enables us to attract, train and secure the best talent in the marketplace.

SimCrest strives to meet our clients’ unique business needs by always providing a valued service coupled with the highest quality products available. By being focused only on business systems we are able to retain cutting edge skills and methodology. We deliver simple solutions.

SimCrest follows a proven methodology that ensures a successful implementation for the client. Implementation is the crux of all success in technology. Anyone can sell, implement and support a product, but rarely will you find a company that can do all three as well as SimCrest. Our successful integration methodology ensures a fluid transition for our clients from their current environment to Navision. This is the foundation of our continued growth and success. Further to that growth, it is imperative that we develop valued and referential clients. In doing so, SimCrest is positioned as a leader in the market place.

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