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SilkRoad Performance

Software for managing employee performance evaluation.
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Manage and track employee performance with SilkRoad Performance, an all-in-one way to automate the performance appraisal process – from kickoff to completion. Align business strategies with team and individual goals. Ensure that appraisals get completed on time.

Save Time and Money on Performance Appraisal Processes

Save time and money automating the end-to-end performance appraisal process. SilkRoad supports goal planning, appraisals, development planning, succession planning and 360-feedback features in one easy-to-use, tablet-friendly platform.

Automate Workflows

Increase productivity by automating employee performance appraisal cycles with custom workflows and dashboards that let HR managers monitor when and how managers and employees complete assigned tasks. Configure appraisal workflows to fit your business processes – from kickoff through completion. Easily access year-end and interim employee appraisals and employee history.

Easily Create Forms to Speed Processes

You can easily manage an unlimited library of assessment forms. Each form can be included in its own workflow to reach different audiences. Use the SilkRoad Performance library to access a selection of best practice form templates. Or create original forms using a Microsoft Word® template.

Set Corporate, Team and Employee Goals

Foster a performance culture because employees are more engaged and productive when aware of how individual performance affects the bottom line. Create clearly articulated goals and then watch those goals cascade from the organization to the department level. Or from the department level to the employee level. In turn, improved performance affects how goals are set. Everyone wins.

Create Development Plans

Individually focused development plans can be tracked and managed. Develop employees through consistent performance appraisal processes that provide fair evaluations and opportunities for employees to improve. Investing in employee development will increase their ability to positively impact the organization.

Functionality Modules

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Succession Planning Support 360-degree, Peer-to-peer Feedback for Complete Picture of Employee Performance SilkRoad’s WingSpan 360-degree evaluation solution makes it easy for organizations to…

Employee Development Develop Employees Skills as Dictated by Company Needs and Achieve Corporate and Employee Goals SilkRoad’s WingSpan employee development solution integrates learning…

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