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This module will give you a flexible and integrated system with full end-to-end management of the order fulfillment process. This system is completely customizable allowing you to configure it to a warehouse specific to your business. This comprehensive warehouse and inventory management system will allow you to automate and record all warehouse management functions, such as picking, value-added processing, packing, shipping, and inventory control. Some of the additional features of this system include:

  • Integration to Kewill®
  • Handles inbound product - receiving, stocking and QA inspection
  • Kit work orders and personalization
  • Rules-based cycle counting
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Configurable putaway logic
  • WYSIWYG warehouse layout planner
  • Powerful warehouse solution without being overwhelming
  • Control pick release and fulfillment operation using comprehensive, rules-based wave planning
  • Choose zone picking or batch/cart picking
  • Create assemblies with ease
  • Create simple picking using batch fulfillment, cart picking, or rules-based batching / cart picking
  • Support complex picking rules with business logic that considers split shipments, kitting, gift wrapping or personalization
  • Customize warehouse setup based on aisles, bins and shelf sizes
  • Set up primary and secondary stock locations with automated bin creator
  • Receive multiple POs
  • Move goods directly to the pick or reserve location
  • Maintain logic for auto suggestion of stocking tasks

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with WMS - (Warehouse Management System):

"WMS - (Warehouse Management System)" is part of the SigmaCommerce line of products, developed by Sigma Micro.